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Growth Track


Welcome to Growth Track, let's get you started...

Growth Track consists of two steps that you can complete in one sitting. If you can’t complete it all in one sitting, no worries. We're able to hold your spot for a few days so you can pick up right where you left off. Just navigate back to theChapel.cc/growthtrack , click "Complete Growth Track" & then log in using the same credentials. 👍

In Step 1, you’ll hear theChapel story, learn why we do what we do, and see how to make this church your church by saying "Count Me In" 🙌 

In Step 2, you'll learn more about yourself by taking a spiritual gifts test and seeing where your unique design fulfills a purpose at theChapel on the Go Team 🙌 

To get started, tell us your email* (this is where we'll send your Spiritual Gifts Test results) and then hit that ‘Next’ button! 😁

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: Do not use a shared email. When providing an email below make sure that it is an email that is unique to you. It should be an email nobody else uses otherwise someone else will be credited with you completed Growth Track. (i.e. Don't use a spouse's email, parent's email or shared email.)