Custom Forms Collect Information Easily


Custom forms allow you to collect only the specific information you need from your attendees.

Lay out inputs


Lay out your forms in any way you wish, with lots of flexibility and types of questions to choose from.


Get confirmation of agreement or allow users to select from multiple options.

Checkbox question type
Date question type


Collect specific dates, such as birthdays or when attendees are ready to serve.


Allow your attendees to select from one of many options in a list.

Dropdown question type
File Download question type

File Download

Allow your users to download files you provide, such as PDFs of information or other documents.

File Upload

If you need to collect PDF forms, a profile photo, or other documents from your attendees, add a place to allow them to upload any files.

File Upload question type
Ministry Teams question type

Ministry Teams

After setting up your teams in the administrative panel, add a place for attendees to choose a ministry team, if desired. Team descriptions and recommendations are even offered to give your attendees more guidelines.

Multiple Choice

Allow your attendees to select one of a few options, such as a campus or service time.

Multiple Choice question type
Paragraph question type


When collecting a lot of text from your attendees, add space to type a paragraph of information.

Short Text

When collecting short pieces of information such as a street or town, the short text area allows attendees to have just the right amount of space.

Short Text question type
Time question type


If you ever need to collect information about time, such as a start time for their availability, attendees can add this information without worrying about the format.

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